About me

Hi, I’m Katy. Nice to meet you.

In short, I started writing about my my love for travel, lifestyle and luxury experiences in 2015. I spent two wonderful years in Mauritius (one of nature’s most naturally beautiful places) and now I’m living in Lisbon with my husband and my little bouncing baby Florrie Beau. Personally and now as a family I’m dedicated to travelling as much as possible. We’ve been lucky to spend time in some of the world’s greatest cities and the more places I visited, the more I wanted to share those places that are just special. Uncategorised greatness. Not top ten lists and overwhelming reams of information, but just places for likeminded people to check in and see a few recommendations next time they are in town. Good food, great places to stay or beautiful boutique experiences. That’s what we’re about.

If you’re like me, you’ll love great food and drinks served with inspiration and to high standards but will be put off by pretentiousness or feeling like guest number #3746 in an increasingly automated world (even if you are, let’s agree you don’t want to feel like it, right?). That means I’m looking for places that stand out because of the way they make you feel – from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. They are the places that I will be writing about and sharing with you in the hope that you might just like them too. I’ll also be sharing with you other ‘loves’ that I think deserve it – and that could be anything, from product to experience.

It’s been a wonderful experience beginning my journey as a travel and lifestyle blogger these last few years, and being invited to work with some brands that I love in the industry, and the Unwrapped Series is the next step. Here’s hoping it’s in the right direction, but I know whatever happens we can enjoy the ride.

As always, drop me a line if you feel I can help with anything, or if you’ve uncovered somewhere you think should be included.

Here we go!