Gran Dabbang, Buenos Aires

We discovered these guys through Instagram, and was desperate to try it as of all the mouth watering piccies. A difficult find walking the streets to say the least, but a hidden gem (look out for the graffiti and oversized plant pots). We weren’t quite sure what to expect, a mix of food around the world – Argentina, Paraguay, India, Southeast Asia (who or what was Dabbang?). But what we found was a wonderfully, heartwarmingly vibrant eatery. The decor is minimal with small tables and plenty of Dabbang movie inspired artwork dotted around, but this is really all about the plates. Clearly a place where the chefs know what they’re doing and you can feel the pride oozing out of the small team that greet you and take care of you. Nothing goes comes to the table here without a lot of love and care.

They don’t take bookings, so my advice would be to either go early (bear in mind an Argentinian early would be around 8.30pm) or pop in to add your name to the list before heading down the street for a drink.  Whatever you do, just make sure you get a table here, ok? The waiters were wonderful and upon seeing us try to loosely translate the menu with our Spanish (politely described as ‘basic’) came over and recommended their suggestions and described each dish to us.

A small but one-of-a-kind menu showcasing an explosion of flavours. Dishes are a small tapas inspired size, which was great as we pretty much ordered most things from the menu (with a couple of double orders for our favourites). We started out with their chard pakoras with carrots and the most incredible spicy siracha sauce, followed by their pork curry so beautifully spiced with star anise and tamarind. Definitely take the extra roti that’s offered, you’ll want to soak up every last drop of that sauce. I am obsessed by spicy Asian food and this was the last place I imagined to find one of the most mouth watering dishes I’d every experienced.

Located in Palermo, another pleasant surprise is the price. These dishes would go for a kings ransom if they benchmarked cost to taste. But luckily they don’t, so most dishes will cost you around $7/8 USD.  This little restaurant counters all the busy distraction of the city with a very tranquil, homely feel. Make sure you don’t miss it. A wonderfully creative and inventive menu and something really different to anywhere we had tried in Argentina. I couldn’t recommend this place enough. Just go!

Burrata y faina berenjena (Aubergine and mozzarella)


Why Unwrapped?

In the city of steak, this inventive place showcases a pride in new world cooking and creativity, but with a laser like focus on taste and quality. The result is a smack in the mouth taste sensation, served by a small and knowledgeable team proud to play their part.

Tips and tricks

Arrive early and try as many things on the menu as you can manage. But DO NOT miss the curry. Ever. Seriously.

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