Key Coffee (kinda), Shinsaibashi, Osaka

On the corner of one of the market streets in Osaka, we discovered a gem. Sat quietly and dimly lit opposite some neon laden competitors. The┬árich aromas sucked us in to coffee’s Aladdin’s cave.┬áBeing obsessed with the 1920s, I was in awe of the colours of dark red and green, mismatched swivel chairs and beautiful lanterns and and lampshades and couldn’t stop inspecting all the beautiful individual cups and saucers. Coffee here was strong and a huge selection of the classics. Don’t expect the speedy service that this cafe’s noisy neighbours might boast, but expect coffee made with love and craft strengthened over the years of experience from these guys. Take your time and admire the collection that surrounds you and, for once in this manic city, just stop for a minute or two. If you’re peckish, as I always am, grab the buttered toast as an accompaniment. Thick slices of white bread toasted under the grill and layered with butter. Simple, yes, but delicious, absolutely.

Sat at the bar as we lost track of the time, this was one of the first places in the city that we found was so full of conversation. Locals came in at their usual hours and almost all of them asked where we were from, how we enjoyed their home and most importantly – how we stumbled across this place. One older guy, a businessman in a dark blue suit and shiny shoes, said he’d been in there every day for over ten years and that it’s never changed. You can see why.

Why Unwrapped?

In a city that is as well lit as it is loud and bursting with life, this place gives a welcome, seductive charm to a slower pace as well as the required military grade coffee strength to help you get back out there.

Tips and tricks

Nothing to say here, it’s a cafe. Just sit at the bar, pick a cup and for once, be patient.


p.s. The ‘Bran Cafe’ on the map below is on the 1st floor just above this place, and the only one marked on Google map.

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