British Airways, First Class (plus Concorde Lounge)

Heading to Japan was exciting enough for me as a dream come true, but it was made all the more memorable by experiencing the best that British Airways has to offer, with a bump up to First Class and to see what all the fuss was about. Well, now I can see.

Arriving at Terminal 5 at Heathrow, you will be escorted through the quickest back routes from check in to find the BA ‘Concorde Lounge’, the most luxurious of all the lounges on offer (and only available to those travelling first class on that day). This place really goes beyond the standardised free drinks and snacking of most airport lounges, with freshly cooked to order food brought to your table from an extensive menu in a calm, quiet environment.

Once onboard, the experience becomes all the greater. The First Class cabin itself is limited to just 14 seats, each an individual booth with the space and seating for two people, so you can even dine with your partner across from the table at 30,000 feet. The complimentary pyjamas, turn down service and fully reclined bed makes for a very comfortable nights sleep, but what really stood out was the service. The crew were attentive to every need and served everything from dinner to a cup of english breakfast tea with real care.

Not an everyday experience by any means, but something that made the trip all the more memorable, mostly because of the caring service in the lounge and during the flight. If you’re planning a special trip, it’s well worth considering for long flights as the holiday really begins at the airport, and if like me flights can often mean fretting and worry (I am not the best flyer), it’s a very welcome turn of events!

Why Unwrapped?

We can’t take any credit for discovering this one – a popular offering from the UK’s main airline – but it deserves it’s spot because it does live up to the billing, especially the quality of service.

Tips and tricks

You can’t go wrong in any seat choice, but being at the front of the plan is always best for me.

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